The toughest mechanical bucking bull on earth!

Mechanical Bucking bull as tough as the Aussie Outback

Outback Bulls make the toughest mechanical bucking bull in Australia. Our bulls are 100% Australian made, they outlive and out perform cheap imported bucking bulls. With a buck action made to mimic a real bull, there is simply no better mechanical bull  on the Australian market.

Take the ride of your life : Bucking bull ride

There are bucking bull rides . And then there is Chainsaw, direct from Outback Australia. Only 9 cowboys ever rode the  Aussie champion Brahman bull Chainsaw successfully. Now you can take the challenge and conquer the toughest mechanical bucking bull on earth!


Real Bucking Bull Action

The bucking action is designed to mimic the unpredictable buck of Chainsaw the bull, moving backwards, forward, sideways and spinning on its axis.

The unparalleled range of motion of our mechanical bull ride is fully controllable so can be used for a wide range of events, from children’s parties right up to professional bull riding schools.

Premium Quality Mechanical Bucking bull

Unlike some cheap imports, this mechanical bull keeps on going. Anyone who has purchased a  cheap mechanical bucking bull from overseas knows the problems that quickly arise. Parts constantly break down and there is  little support to maintain and service your bull.

A mechanical bucking bull that operates correctly is important for the safety of the rider and operator. You want to make sure your clients are safe at all times.

Our Outback bucking bull is designed and manufactured in  Australia. We provide superior after sales support, giving you piece of mind and ensuring the safety of your riders.

Service and Support : Outback Bucking Bull

Buying and Australian made bull means that we available to service and repair your bull, ensuring that your bull is ready to ride all the time. A big problem people encounter when purchasing mechanical bucking bulls overseas is when something breaks, there is a long wait to fix or repair.

Outback Bulls are backed by fantastic after sales support. We teach you how to operate your bull and provide support to help you start your business.

Watch our Outback Bulls instruction video

all video and photo credit  Focus Visual Marketing


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